Friday, May 18, 2012

That pesky 90 Monkey

The other day I heard these stop smoking commercials that talked about how everyone has a different kind of smoking monkey, stress monkeys, party monkey, peer pressure monkey. Honestly they do a good job of making you realize you can get help to stop smoking. Well I guess I shouldn't say that, I currently don't smoke so I guess I really wouldn't know if it worked at getting people to quit or about, "they didn't get me to start so thats something"
So why am I telling you this? Good question. Recently, I got the 90 monkey off my back, I can't say he's gone because I doubt this will be the end of the 90s for me. Wait you have no idea what I am talking? Have been reading my blog? I'm a golfer and so I'm talking about strokes. My best round before that was a 93 and man, did it feel good to break that. Since i started it was one of my goals after breaking 95 which i done a while back but this one is different, as a matter of fact, I think now the monkeys looking for revenge

Since I broke 90 I have barely kept myself below 95- oh and I know he's there, mocking me, causing me to mess up. I swear every time I pick up a club I hear him saying " remember that time, the other day?"

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