Friday, May 18, 2012

That pesky 90 Monkey

The other day I heard these stop smoking commercials that talked about how everyone has a different kind of smoking monkey, stress monkeys, party monkey, peer pressure monkey. Honestly they do a good job of making you realize you can get help to stop smoking. Well I guess I shouldn't say that, I currently don't smoke so I guess I really wouldn't know if it worked at getting people to quit or about, "they didn't get me to start so thats something"
So why am I telling you this? Good question. Recently, I got the 90 monkey off my back, I can't say he's gone because I doubt this will be the end of the 90s for me. Wait you have no idea what I am talking? Have been reading my blog? I'm a golfer and so I'm talking about strokes. My best round before that was a 93 and man, did it feel good to break that. Since i started it was one of my goals after breaking 95 which i done a while back but this one is different, as a matter of fact, I think now the monkeys looking for revenge

Since I broke 90 I have barely kept myself below 95- oh and I know he's there, mocking me, causing me to mess up. I swear every time I pick up a club I hear him saying " remember that time, the other day?"

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Back in my day Mice had balls...

So the other day my wife and I decided that we were going to focus on making our house, our home.  I think this means different things to each person but to us it means putting everything into this house instead of waiting "cause we're gonna move".  This means we need to purge that which we don't need and start with the process of creating a solid home.(2 Timothy 2:19-21)  I'm excited for this because there are things that I think I have put off doing because I was assuming we were going to move (probably a thought for a future blog post).

So why am I telling you this, and what does it have to do with the title...glad you asked!  My job was to go through the electronics and determine needed to be done with know, what to do with the speakers, cd players and VCR that I'm sure we will need again because DVDs will never make it, and determine...Are we going to sell them?  throw them?  donate them? Chuck them in a field and hope no one catches us?  Probably not the last one.
So job 1 was go through the wire box.  This is the box that had all the old speaker wire and cable boxes, I think there was some splitters in there too.  I'm just glad no small animal decided to make it a home.  After I got the wires separated ("you got to keep them separated") and put into baggies for possible sale I moved onto other aspects of the pile.  Here is were I found the inspiration for my blog.
While going through some old computer parts, monitors, keyboards etc. I came across a mouse for our last computer.  I flipped it over and there you have it...a ball at the bottom.  I got to thinking about how mice nowadays only have that spooky red light not a little rubber ball.  My kids will never get the joy of having to undo the bottom of the mouse to do a mini-vasectomy and clean out all the dust that collected in there.  Our kids will not know the joy of getting in trouble because they were taking their mice apart (not in science class but in media or computer lab or whatever they call it now) to throw around the contents.  Will our kids will never be restricted to a mouse pad???  Nooo, they will be able to mouse on any surface they want to with out worry of running out of room from the edge of a semi rubber semi cloth thing that we were forced to use the mouse.

So although it was sort of unnecessary to tease you with the thought of little mice balls(my sure my wife got a kick out of the title).  I hope I helped remind you of something that's different for you from the other day.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

So wait, I'm suppose to post?!?!?! Regularly?!?!?!

      SO the other day I started a blog.  It wasn't anything special...probably still isn't but I have a whopping 2 followers and I have been feeling sooo guilty lately for not posting to it.  So to that I say "Sorry".  It turns out that the world is in financial trouble, people need to refinance and I am their man.  I think it's because I'm hot but I cannot be sure. (Job 9:29)

     And why am I telling you this?  Mainly, cause I am hot!  My wife, who is not impartial at all, says it all the time.  Oh the other thing,  I will try to do better.  It may be tough though. See, it's golf season (yes I did golfed today and yes I did hit them straight, thanks for asking) and mortgage purchase season (if you know me and you are buying a new home I can help with financing) and then there is Time...Its just never seems to be on my side.  But I will try and do better.  At least I can say I did blog in March...

     The cool thing about blogging is the feeling that someone is listening, that they care.  I think when I look back on my life I will remember things differently than how they actually happened, but don't we all.  I will think I had a huge following and I was big in the blog-a-sphere, but then again, maybe I will be some-other day.

Monday, February 27, 2012

My Bucket list- more than a pail of empty dreams

So the other day I saw this movie called The Bucket List.  I enjoyed the comedic banter back and forth between the main characters and for a comedy it had quick a positive message.  But it got me thinking..."Should I have a bucket list?" I mean I'm not that old but the idea of making a list of things I need to complete before I die seem a little morbid but yet satisfying.  Writing down a goal also gives it credence and as we will soon find out, the ability for others to help and motivate you to accomplish them too.

So why am I telling you this?  I am on the verge of crossing the first thing off my list, that's why.  I was having a man-date with a buddy of mine and we were chatting about things, I agreed that it would be cool to do it and that it was already on my Bucket list.  He was integued and asked to see what else was on it.  As he looked through the list his eyes lit up and asked if he could help me cross something off the list.  I said, "of course".  I mean it's a list of things to do before I'm dead and since I'm still alive now seems like a good time to start.  So in a couple of weeks we will be going to get a straight edge shave at this place he knows that does it up right.  I'm pretty excited 1- to hang out with my buddy in a man's man type setting and 2- start crossing things off the list.

Like I said the act of posting a goal increases its chances of it being accomplished by almost 50% so I have decided to post the whole list and as I accomplish things I will come back and cross them off.  I don't see these as impossible (Matthew 19:26) just something worth accomplishing

David's Bucket List:
Play golf at TPC-Sawgrass
Play golf at Pebble Beach
Bungee jump
See Duke play UNC basketball- Either location for now
Watch Vikes play at Lambeau
See soccer game in England
See soccer game in Ireland
Go to a Red River Classic game OK vs Texas
Attend comic-con
Attend comic con in costume
Get a straight edge shave
Play golf at the old course (St. Andrews)
Go down a hill in bubble
Richard Petty Racing
NYE at times square
Attend the Super Bowl

I think this is a pretty good list.  Some things like Skydiving and Bungee-Jumping have been assigned to my daughter for when she turns 18 (we would be doing these together) but could be difficult to accomplish (6'6" 280lbs is a lot of everything for a tandem jump) unless I can make some major life changes. I have left some space as to add things to the list from time to time as well as cross off items that I manage to complete.  But its not a race, I plan to live a long time and if I can accomplish some now, then I can share that experience with you, the other day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shave and a haircut- WHAT????

So the other day me and my mom were going in to get my hair cut. I wanted the style of the day the ol' side spike. You know, kind of short on top but long enough that the side part could stick up and look cool.
 Well my mom and I were arguing about how long the top could be.
 I wanted to be sure that the spike would be right. Well the barber had heard her say, "well if it's too long I'll just have him cut it again", so without hesitation and really not listening to anything else, he took an electric razor and went up and over the top of my head.(Judges 16:17)  Seriously, imagine a reverse mohawk, so where do you go from there? Yeah, basically, bald. Go ahead, laugh it up...

Why am I telling you this? I am currently sitting here in the waiting room of my local Fantastic Sams I think back to that day and am so glad I found Toni. She's awesome. She doesn't sit there and talk the whole time and more importantly I have had no issues when she has cut my hair. I call ahead, make sure she is here and then come in. And as a side note for $15 can you argue with a great cut and a shampoo??? Didn't think so.

Well I think Toni's about to call my name so I'll catch up with you all later. I look forward to telling you more, hopefully less embarrassing, storys about the other day.

Friday, February 10, 2012

It's the most horrible time, of the year! (you know the tune)

The other day my dad came to me and said, "We just got a family membership to the local golf course, you can play unlimited rounds"  The course was our city's executive nine course.  "Executive" courses are typically a 9 hole course where it's not full size but it progressively gets harder, I think this one is a par 27.  I was super excited and so I decided I needed to learn how to play.  I used mismatched clubs and garage sale drivers until about 7 years ago when I had borrowed my dad's clubs for a work tournament.  I called him to return his clubs and he informed me that I didn't have his clubs.  After I waived the thought of early Alzheimer's from my mind, I humored his request to swing by to let him prove that I was wrong.
Foot Joy rain jacket
I arrived at his house, and sure enough, he had gone out and bought a new set and bag, and informed me that the ones that I was in possession of must be mine.  Over the years I have continued to play, less at first, but have really picked up the # of rounds I play each year, last year I even joined a league.  I have never taken lessons but after upgrading my clubs about 4 years ago, I'm starting to feel like I know how to hit them and which club goes with each distance.  I don't think I could hit 5 balls close to each other on purpose but if someone told me I could never golf again...well, let's not talk about it

Arrived Wednesday
So why am I telling you this, well, simply, I WANT TO PLAY GOLF!  I desire to swing my clubs and walk the fairways, hear the flags snap, plopping of balls in water and the sounds of "fore" coming from my mouth.  To be honest, I love that you can step out on a course and see God's beauty.  The ability to see the sun rise on a dew covered green, or a deer cross a fairway in silence as you stand on the tee box. (Song of Solomon 2:11-13)   It truly is the best way for me to connect to the peace that God offers.
Free? Yes please
I know that many have loved the mild winter that we are having, and I admit that it has been nice to not have to shovel 200 ft of snow from my long driveway or worry about someone sliding into me on the road.  The issue is that I have been able to see grass for most of this winter but I haven't been able create a huge divots.  Then there are the e-mails and Facebook posts of courses opening, always when I have mountains of work to do, and then temperatures reach a balmy 40 degrees in January in Minnesota, just to taunt me..
Thanks baby!
So I have done what any well minded golfer would do, fill the void and frustration of this winter with golf purchases.  It started when my bride blessed me with a new golf suitcase for Christmas.  I have since filled it with a new jacket won off Ebay that I have wanted for 2 years(half price of retail).  Followed by new golf shoes that I have been drooling over for about 6 months.  This after managing to get my hands on a new set just 3 months ago from a free gift card.
They haven't even seen a blade of grass yet  So next season starts with; 2 new pairs of shoes, a new jacket and a new suitcase...
WOW but wait...there's more.  I am going to pick up my clubs from getting re-gripped today too, I had won a gift card at work so the final bill was $5.85!

So I think I can now get by the next 6-8 weeks of winter we are scheduled to have, as said by Punxsutawney Phil, the other day.  

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dare to Care

So the other day my family and I sat down to watch a movie. I had traveled to my local Redbox and picked up Courageous, which is brought to you by the same people as Fireproof and Facing the Giants. (By the way, if you haven't seen any off these and you want to see a movie with characters trying to be true authentic Christians, you now have a whole weekend of movies to watch. These movies are all written by the same guys (brothers, in life and Christ) and it is released through their church. I'm off track at this point so I will return from my bunny trail.) Seeing as I have seen all the movies, I knew I was in for a God glorifying, tears running, nose sniffling 2 hours of enjoyment. BUT it’s not the 2 hours that makes the difference; it's what happens after the credits roll...

So, why am I telling you this…I want to show you what can happen when you realize that you may have a bowl on your head (Matthew 5:14-16). When you realize that you are in his presence but not participating in it.  I have been able to go months and months with reading His word and praying but it was during the movie I realized that I have recently stopped and have been absent in the conversations with God...this left me with a couple of questions for myself to answer...

Am I being the father that the kids would like, should have, need? Am I letting them see through actions that they are Loved by me, and God? Am I being a good example to my kids everyone of how their Heavenly Father loves them?

I took inventory of my life since then, and here is what I have (re-)learned in the last couple of days.

  1. When you pray, you are rewarded with answered prayers.  I have been praying the last couple of days before work.  We have all been under a lot of stress so I have been praying for peace, breaks, calm clients and a joyful environment.  I think it's been working, nothings gonna be perfect but it's better than it was.
  2. After watching the movie I asked God to remind me to stay focused on my family.  Help them to be reminded of the answers to the questions above.  Asked that he remind me of what I am to do and how I can do it.  He answered, they way He does best, through giving me a song.  This is now on my ipod like so many other songs God has used to remind me of my role, His love, or simply to slow down.  I can take stock in His reminders by simply hitting "shuffle".
  3. Lunch with a friend can be so amazing when there is no itinerary.  I got the change (once a month) to hang with a newer friend this week for lunch and it truly was amazing.  I again started my day with prayer and remembered the lunch and asked God to "help make our time together good.  Help our friendship to grow" were my words.  Thank you God for helping that happen.
  4. You don't need to meet someone to be a role model.  I had clients that taught me that.  They were so calm and patient.  So loving and kind.  He called her his queen, and they finished each other's sentences on the phone. Well when I was talking to some support people, in an angry tone, about these client's file and how it's not fair that this loan cannot get done because of things out of the client's control, I was reminded of their patience and God asked me "is this how they would respond?  They are a light, are you acting how my light should act?"  I then paused, and apologized to the support people for raising my voice and that they were doing their job and thanked them for that.  I then thanked my clients for being the example they are.  I hope pray that I can be as bright of a light as they were for me this week.  Thanks to them I have a new verse to memorize (Col 3:17)
Be present in the conversation that God wants to have with you...Simply put, he's always willing to talk with you, Call your Father, He'd like to hear from you, and He will have the right answer.  I didn't say the easy one or the one you want, but banging your head against a wall hurts too...why not try His way this time.

So needless to say, I will continue trying to show my family the right way to live. Being an example of God's love, helping my daughter see the way that a husband should love her, and teaching my son the ways to honor his wife.  Which in turn, is honoring to my wife.  That way, I know that I have raised them up in the ways of the Lord instead of my worrying about my actions, the other day.